Around the Bay 30k: Week 14, Days 5 & 6

Back-to-back long runs, not by design but by ego.

Saturday was supposed to be 28km with the last 8 around RP. I made it 13 out and got smacked by a headwind, a hangover (maybe?), and a weak will. I opted not to take gels, which is fine, but I could feel the difference. The problem was that I figured I wouldn’t need water. TIL: >20km=take water.

I bailed on the fast finish- seriously, the wind was taking about 10s/km off my pace anyway- and then bailed on 28, and then bailed on the last 300m of a mere 26km. Bailosaurous Rex.

That shook my confidence, so I turned today’s easy 12-15 into a quality long run- 20km with last 5 @ tempo. Gotta get those miles back! I was struggling a little on the home stretch, but that’s got to be expected on the tail end of a back-to-back and a 100km week. My pace dipped up the hill in km19- I started up to hard and faded by the top.

Fuck ya for turning this weekend around. Shitty days happen, move on, get it tomorrow.

Race day is in two weeks. Add in Friday’s 13 and this was about a 60km weekend and a 102km week. Those are PB totals. Peaking at the right time.

2 hard workouts left, and bunch of easy running. 

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