Around the Bay 30k: Week 15, Days 1 & 2

New shoes!

That B2B last weekend killed me. I felt fine on Sunday but I’ve been beat all week. I took Monday off and then went out for 6x1mi/800 on Tuesday. But I called that off after 4 reps. Wednesday was a rest day, and today I set out for 12km tempo. My legs were complaining, and I figured that a week and a half out from my goal race it’s better to dial it back than push it. I called it off at 10km. Plus I had major GI issues- no eggs before running!

We’re thoroughly into taper mode now- lots of easy runs with some RP pickups mixed in.

Check out my new kicks though. Mizuno Wave Hitogami. I’ve been crushing on some new shoes for a while. My NB 890s never felt right, and there’s nothing left in my PI Road N1s. 

I was between the Hitogamis, Kinvaras, 1400v2, and the new NB Fresh Foam 980. The 980s were pretty cool, if stiff. I might check them out when it comes to marathon training in the fall- 4mm drop, decent cush.

But the Hitogami’s were way above the rest. I was sceptically because I didn’t like the wave plate in the Sayonara. But it turns out the plate in the Sayonara is way thicker than in most Mizuno shoes, and so they’re more of a stability shoe than they let on.

The Hitogami’s are dialled in though. Secure fit in the mid foot, enough room in the toes (so far, anyway), flexible, good grip. They’re the first running shoe I’ve had that I don’t worry about pivoting hard and slipping or rolling an ankle due to sloppy fit. Looking forward to pushing these shoes.

Oh yea, and they’ve got a pink midsole. Got a problem with that? Race me.

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