Training Plans

Around the Bay 30km Road Race Training Plan

(Cribbed from my Tumblr)

Around the Bay 30k- March, 30, 2014.

I built this plan by adding 50% to my half-marathon plan workouts, and stealing some workouts from marathon plans (Hansons’, Daniels’, and the plan posted by the Around the Bay folks here).

I ran out of gas in my half-marathon around km17 so I’m focusing on hills and endurance here. I’m fairly confident in my speed, less so in my ability to carry an RP over 30km.

Distance: 30km

Goal time: 2:20

Goal pace: 4:40/km


Click on the spreadsheet or here for the full-size image.

Training paces (/km and interval goal times), based on McMillan calc. and Daniels’ VDOT:



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