Runner’s Den Sunset Series #1 & Setting a new 5k standard

Two weeks ago I set a new 5k PR- 19:35. I hope to knock at least another 36s off that this summer.

My local Runner’s Den shop is putting on a 5k&10k race series this summer. Races go every other Wednesday night. Check it out at Sunset Series. The races start at Princess Point and head out and back along the Waterfront trail, aka my everyday route. I signed up for the 5 races ($15/ race or $60 for the series).

I wasn’t too excited for this race, since I hadn’t run hard in over a month. I wasn’t expecting too much, maybe a 20:30 5k. After chatting with some other racers we got off. I knew two runners who were both a bit faster than me so I stuck just behind them for a while, until Callum took off, anyway. I was pushing, but not too hard for the first few km:

3:46, 3:56, 4:01

By the time we got to the 2.5km turnaround I was starting to work. I had caught another runner (Murray, who I know from other races) who I know was probably 30-60s faster than me for a 5k and decided just to hand onto him for the rest of the race. With some 200m to go let out a kind of battle-cry—well, more of a struggle-grunt—and pushed to try and catch Murray. The runner behind be had dropped about 100m back so I wasn’t worried about getting passed. Just seconds after I pushed Murray grunted too and kicked, leaving me in the dust.

4:03, 3:52.

19:35 for 6th overall.

Sunset Series #1 Results

Sunset Series #1 Results

This was a fun race. It was competitive but good-spiritied, and it seemed like everyone from the winners (at ~16min) to the back of the pack had someone to race or run with. It was a small race with maybe 30 finishers in the 5k and probably 10 in the 10k, but it was chip timed and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Dan from the Runner’s Den was giving away random draw prizes at the end of the race, and there will be Mizuno shoes for the series points winners and greatest improvements. I don’t think I have a legit shot at either, but I could really use some new Hitogamis.

Oh yea, I shaved a minute off my 5kPR. Well actually, almost 2.5min. I hadn’t run a 5k since my first race way back in March 2013- the Bay and Back 5k at Around the Bay. I ran 21:54 there and was really happy with that. Since then I’ve been under 21:00 in various training sessions, but never really went for it. If I can knock off 19:35 as an under-trained, just-off-an-injury runner, it’ll be interesting to see what I can do with a month of marathon training under my belt come August.


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