Around the Bay 30K: Week 14, Day 3

12km tempo run. 4:23-4:40/km.

Nailed it. This was tough though. I kinda didn’t eat a lot yesterday, and powered right through lunch today, and I could definitely feel the drain in heavy legs out there.

Plus, there was a nasty headwind. I don’t buy the reported 11km/h, more like 30km/h gusts. Whatever speed it was it took about 5s off my pace when it hit. 

I ran 12km @ 4:32 last Thursday in great conditions, so 4:35 is pretty much nails here.

Legs felt good, heavy, but healthy. No limping, no real soreness. Let’s keep it that way. I’ll spend some time with the foam roller tonight.

Easy 12/15 tomorrow, 28k with some serious hard running on Sat., 12/15 or off on Sunday.

This might be the most stale ‘photo blog’ out there. Let’s just pretend you come for my write ups and not pics of my watch. I’m too busy running to bother with pictures.

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