Weekly Summary 6/16/2014-6/22/2014

My original goal for this week was to ramp back up to 85km. But the previous Sunday’s 20km left my leg a little beat up and I had to make revisions. I just wanted to get some mostly pain free milage in.

Monday 6/16- 11km pavement, easy.

Set out for 12km recovery. That was probably an aggressive distance given my foot, but I went for it. I ended up with a nasty cramp in my arch and my quad and took the next two days off.

Thursday 6/19- 10km pavement, easy.

I wanted to do a cautious 10k to see how things felt. My leg was fine, but my foot got a little achey. I had been rolling and stretching pretty aggressively, as well as doing some strength work, and it seemed to be paying off.

Friday 6/20- 10km pavement, easy.

Felt stronger than yesterday. My foot only complained a little but sorted itself out. This was progress.

Sunday 6/22- 18km pavement, easy.

I told myself to go get 15. But 16 is a nicer number so I aimed for that. Then I thought ‘ok, 20.’ But I played it safe when my foot got cramps and settled for 18. My energy levels were low, and I could tell I lost some endurance. Overall, though, Im happy with this.

Totals: 50km, 4h15min.

Thoughts: The foot seems to be getting better. What soreness is left is along a couple tendons so I need to continue to work on flexibility and strengthening that foot and ankle. Keep ramping up the distance but not too aggressively.

Goals for next week: 60-70km, 5k race on Wednesday (20:30ish?), work on foot, don’t push the distance too hard.

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