Weekly Summary 5/19/2014-5/25/2014

Goals (from last week): It’s kind of a taper week, so just take care of that leg and don’t do anything stupid.

Well I sure messed that up…

Monday, 5/19: 9km pavement, Recovery

Felt fine in the morning, when I got up to run I felt a minor twinge in my upper, outer shin/lower outside knee. Nothing big, just some soreness I thought. Easy enough run. No problem.

As the night wore on that little pain became a pretty major pain. It was the same kind of pain as ITBS, but lower on my leg. Some inflamed tendon I guess? I decided to play the rest of the week day-to-day and ended up taking all of the days off.

Friday, 5/23: Baseball game and injury.

I ended up playing for another team a couple divisions up from my usual team on Friday night to help them out. I must have hurt something trying to slow down running the bases because as the game went on my left foot got quite painful- to the point I couldn’t run on it. It didn’t swell up much, but it hurt enough to put my Sulphur Springs race into question.

Saturday, 5/24: Sulphur Springs

On Friday night and Saturday morning I could barely walk normally. I DNS’d the race, but went up and met some awesome people I know via twitter. It was a good day, but I’d much rather have run.

Thoughts: Fuuuuuck. Another late-may baseball injury that de-rails my running? Again? Hopefully this one will heal up pretty quickly.

Goals for next week: Rest the foot. Use your air cast and any means necessary to heal up.

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2 Responses to Weekly Summary 5/19/2014-5/25/2014

  1. Aaron Cooper says:

    Sorry to hear about the foot and missed race. Heal up!

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