Weekly Summary- 5/12/2014-5/18/2014

Goals (from last week): At least 2 trail runs, one over 25km. 6+3. More mobility work and foam rolling.

Monday, 5/12: 12km mixed, Easy. Upper body at gym.

I hit some trails in the RBG territory and Princess Point on the way out to the Standard Route. I was feeling good and moving fast.

Tuesday, 5/13: 13km trails, medium effort.

We had some serious thunderstorms Monday night and Tuesday morning but I wanted to get a good trail run in, so as soon as the rain let up I rode out to Little John Park to do the Monarch-Spring Creek-Main Loop route. I had thought this would be around 16km, but it was only 13 or so. It was nice and muddy though. My plan was a kind of ‘trail fartlek’ in which I would push hard on some hills and take it easy on others. It was a good a medium effort run.

Wednesday, 5/14: Off. Hard lower body workout at gym.

Lots of running specific work at the gym- 100ups, hip thrusters, single leg balances- along with heavy squats and some single leg work. I was feeling it the next day.

Thursday, 5/15: Off. I think the weather was funky and I knew I wanted to get some good miles on the trails on the weekend so I took an extra rest day.

Friday, 5/16: 18km, mixed, hilly run.

The weather was pretty nice so I headed out to Dundas to run Syndenham Hill and some trails up to Dundas Peak and Tews Falls. It was a good elevation and trail workout. The climb was tough- it was mostly one big 4km uphill from the bottom of Synednham to Tews falls- but my biggest problem was negotiating the muddy and rocky descent in my roadies. I took extra caution coming down and ended up walking some of the more muddy/rocky bits. My right knee and left hip were a bit sore so I didn’t push too hard. I think I was just sitting back and landing out front instead of letting the legs swing back. In retrospect I should have paid more attention to these minor pains and done something to fix them Friday night.

Saturday, 5/17: 16km pavement, Easy.

10miles along the Standard Route plus some extra bits of the Waterfront Trail along the bay. I probably ran faster than I wanted, and still had some lingering pain from yesterday. I know the left hip pain is glute/itband/tightness related, and the right knee is some weird niggle that I had physio and X-rays and ultrasound for but there’s nothing really wrong. I was more worried about my hip and left leg than my knee, as I know the knee pain doesn’t get any worse and goes away with some icing. I think I had some sloppy form here too.

Sunday, 5/18: 27km trail, long run.

This was my final long run before Sulphur Springs (this weekend!), and it was a grind. Instead of riding out to DVCA and taking the 20km Sulphur Springs loop from there I started at Little John park and headed out via Monarch Trail and it’s mud and hills, and then did the 20k loop. I figured that way I couldn’t back out of the extra 5-10k I wanted to get to simulate the 25k race distance.

The hills were tough, but I only walked/power hiked a couple small sections of the two biggest hills- The Three Sisters and the Martin rd. climb. I brought a get just in case but didn’t take it. I think it’s better to train without, and I know my stomach can handle them on race day. My hip flexors and quads were complaining on the first handful of climbs, but them my hammys and flutes took the brunt of the latter half. I need to work on my climbing form. Most of my hill work before this month were short- 1:00-2:00- hard effort repeats, which is not the same as a long, slower climb.

The race loop is 580m of elevation, that, plus the climbs on Monarch trail, puts me close to 700 on the day. Not bad. As I’ve said before, Garmin and Strava seriously underrate the elevation changes around the escarpment. Maybe because it’s rolling terrain, maybe because the trails are mostly under the cover of trees. No biggie. I’m just tracking the bigger numbers for my ego.

I felt fine after the run, but when I got back to my bike my rear tire had completely deflated, and I didn’t have a patch kit or tube or anything. So I had to walk of shame my bike the 4km or so back home after running for 2h30min. Between the ride out, the run, and the walk back I was on my feet for about 4 hours. I wonder if it was the walk that hurt my leg. I haven’t “walked” for an hour or more in quite some time, I don’t think. Imagine that, running 80+km/week and taking spills on the trails but getting hurt walking.

Totals: 86km, >1061m elevation gain, 7h47min. Not a bad week.

Thoughts: I got three trail runs, one over 25km and two solid shorter efforts. I only got 2 gym workouts and 5 runs, but that’s fine. My upper body was pretty tired on the weekend runs- my shoulders fatiguing at the same time as my legs!- so Im laying off the gym until after the race. I got some ok foam rolling in and lots of stretching and mobility work.

However, I’ve been laid up with an injury since Monday. On Monday afternoon I felt a slight pain in my lower leg, the same kind of inflammation pain that comes with ITBS, but about 6″ lower on the leg. The pain is right where that boney bump on the outside of your lower leg is, just below out outside your knee. So I think it’s a tendon that connects there and runs down the side of the calf. The pain was minor so I went for a recovery run, and all was fine- no pain while running. But as the evening wore on the pain got worse. I iced, then later spent a couple hours rolling and stretching and doing mobility work, then more icing. On Tuesday the pain was worse, but it only hurts when I approach full knee extension (straight to about 30 degrees). So I think I can run on it. Icing doesn’t seem to help, but some stretching does. Kind of. I’m just going to RICE and hope for the best.

Goals for next week: It’s kind of a taper week, so just take care of that leg and don’t do anything stupid.

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