Weekly Summary 4/28/2014 – 5/4/2014

Goals (from last week): more trails, hill recovery, 6runs+3lifts. Long run on trails of at least 25km, hill reps/speed workout, and a tempo run. Back to my Around the Bay schedule: 3 key workouts, 2 easy, 1 easy/recovery.

Monday, 4/48: 12.5 pavement, Easy, 5:02/km

Easy 12 on the Standard Route. Working on keeping things loose. Wanted to do strides but had some serious GI issues in the last 2-3km and just booked it home. Upper body work at the gym.

Tuesday, 4/29: 12km pavement, Hills, 343m elevation (?)

Decided today was the day I was going to add the Chedoke Stairs into my hill reps. Last week I did 8x Bedoe hill, this week 5x Bedoe+about 300 stairs. The elevation data for the stairs is off- Garmin and Strava don’t seem to recognize the climb. Either the elevation gain is already included in the hill and my hill reps are less gain than recorded, or the elevation doesn’t get tracked until a couple hundred meters past the escarpment edge. I think it’s the latter, since there’s about a 50m increase on most GPS trackers that happens just after the edge.

Anyway, these hurt. Apparently I have no idea how to climb stairs and my calves took a bunch of damage. I guess I was bouncing on my toes trying to stay light but instead of pulling my knees up I was doing essentially heel raises 300x/rep. My calves were destroyed for the rest of the week. But I didn’t know they were going to be that bad so I went ahead and signed up to race a 10k on Saturday. Ya!

Wednesday, 4/30: Off, lower body work at the gym.

Thursday, 5/1: 9.5km pavement, Recovery, 5:18/km.

From my Strava: “Legs are sore, that’s fine, but my calves are shredded. Why did I agree to race a 10k on Saturday? Those stairs really did me in. Probably taking them all on my toes and using my calves wasn’t the best strategy…? Meh, they’ll be stronger for next time.” 

I stopped a few times to stretch, and I was feeling the stairs + leg workout workout from the past two days.

Friday, 5/2: 10km pavement, Easy+Strides, 5:13/km.

Calves were still hurting. Dealt with it. I’d been wanting to do strides all week. I always want to do strides but usually skip them. I didn’t go to hard since I was racing Saturday morning, but getting the legs speed up was great.

Saturday, 5/3: Lynne’s Legacy 10k race, 2nd overall, 40:21 (?!?!?!)

Ok. I don’t think the time is right. But I got 2nd place, no doubt.

Lynne's Legacy Run

I got up wishing I was running the 5k or not at all but made my way down the street to the start. This was a local run I saw posters for along my Standard Route and the course in fact WAS my Standard Route. So I figured I had to go kick some ass.

There weren’t a lot of people there when I showed up, but the bib pickup and all that went pretty smoothly. I took a look around and didn’t see anyone who *looked fast,* except one guy who I’ve seen around a couple times. I thought ‘hey, I’ve got a shot here.’ Now, I’m not that fast. This was my first time racing the 10k distance and my best effort at 10k was a tempo run I did in 44:10. I was aiming for 43:30, but figure this would be a good workout anyway. But there were only about 150 (??) people there, and most of them were charity/fun run type runners.

I lined up near the front with a few others and chatted a bit. One guy wanted to run 10k in 37, another in 45. A few others were doing the 5k. The gun went and we took off and within 9 or 10 strides 37min-guy was gone. A few others passed me but didn’t get very far ahead. 45min-guy (Patrick) caught up and we did that silent ‘ya, let’s run this thing’ agreement.

I fucked around with my watch a bit- I had a pace alert set to keep me in the right zone but it got really annoying really quickly. To do this I had to pause the run on my watch, so my Garmin overall data is unreliable; the splits are still good but they’re about 400m off the distance.

At the turnaround for the 5k 37minGuy was long gone, a group of four of us were pretty much together with a 5th runner just ahead—this turned out to be Murray, who I recognized from the MEC race the weekend prior and others. Murray and the other two members of our pedoton (peloton, with feet) all turned at the marker. I told Patrick ‘Man, wish I was I was running only 5. Good news is there’s only one guy ahead, I think we’re 2-3.’

Course marshals lett us know we were 2 and 3 in the 10k. I was pretty sure, but it’s nice to be certain. I looked back a couple times in the first 6km and didn’t see anyone within striking distance, so I figured I’d let Patrick set the pace and just hang on to him.

We clicked off steady workman-like paces running side by side until about 8km. It was good running and we were chatting a bit. It’s so much easier to run with people. This was a pace that would have been mentally tough for me to keep on a tempo run a couple months ago (4:15-4:20/km), but I was breezing.

Splits through 8km: 3:55, 4:18, 4:18, 4:18, 4:19, 4:22, 4:20, 4:14

I don’t know if his strategy was to hold on to me or what. I think we were both content with how we were running. I thought I could tuck in behind him and save some energy but it wasn’t really that type of race and I’m not really that type of guy. We were carrying each other and we were both definitely thinking to ourselves in secret: ‘so how am I going to beat this guy?’

At the 9km marker there was a slight downhill around a corner. I managed the tangent just right and Patrick started falling behind. I wasn’t sure if I was picking up the pace or if he was gassing. I seemed to put a stride on him every 50m or so. Turns out I was running around 4:00/km. I was feeling fine (relatively) and could see the finish. There’s a slight hill that was no problem for me. I was maybe 50m up on Patrick at the top of the hill and I was running hard.

One thing that’s been consistent in all my races is underestimating just how far the finish line is form my current position. I did it in Around the Bay, and I do it during my workouts: ‘just 2km, piece of cake!’ ‘oh that’s like 200m, gun it!’ I thought I was about 200m out, but it felt more like 400 and I was really pushing those last couple hundred. I worried that Patrick could have sprinted by, but it looked like he was done. Phew.

Splits for km 9-10: 4:11, 4:10 (pace)



Nice kick, kid. Good enough for 2nd overall in the 10k distance. 37minGuy ran 33:xx according to the clock. Patrick came in 26 seconds behind me and had 41:20 for 9.6km on his Garmin. The clock had us at 40:21 and 40:37. So there were definitely some errors somewhere. There’s no way that my splits could add up to 40:21. According my watch I ran 9.36km in 39:50. On that, I would have had to run 600m in 30s somewhere along the way to meet 40:21. I definitely did not do that. Realistically I think I ran 42:30-43:00. That fits the splits recorded by both mine and Patrick’s GPS. Maybe the GPS was wrong and I ran 4min/km all morning, but I doubt it.

Still, huge PR. I hung around and got my prize package, etc. Chatted with some people and thanked Patrick for the PR. Cool. Good race.

Sunday, 5/4: 5.5km, Recovery, 5:23.

I was feeling alright and the weather was beautiful so I thought I could give my new trail shoes some work and squeeze in a long run. I set out with the intention of 25km on the trails. By about 2km I was grimacing and knew that I shouldn’t run more than 10 or 12km. I just turned around on the spot, took the long way home, and called it a recovery run and a rest day. #ListenToYourBody

Totals: 57km, 587m elevation gain, 5h10min.

Thoughts: I didn’t do any trail running, and my hill work was limited by that hard day on the stairs. My ankle problem is kind of here still. I got 6 runs (barely), but only 2 lifts. And I didn’t get a long run. But fuck it, 10k PR!

Goals for next week: 3 weeks till Sulphur Springs. That means 2 good weeks of training to go. Let’s get big milage on the trails: 50km+ of trails next week, 80km+ overall, and a long run over 25km. 1 hill workout. 6+3.

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2 Responses to Weekly Summary 4/28/2014 – 5/4/2014

  1. Emma says:

    I have a theory that GPS trackers sometimes have trouble with man-made elevation gain. For example, I sometimes run hill repeats on the hill that goes down to the student parking lots off Cootes. You end up at the top on the overpass, and for some reason Strava does not recognize the overpass and it treats it like I’m at the same elevation as the multi-use trail below, making it impossible to calculate the actual elevation gain. Kind of annoying.

    I’ve noticed similar issues with the stairs, where my GPS doesn’t recognize the elevation gain unless I get well beyond the top of the stairs.

    congrats on the PR!! Great race and time, and a solid week of training!

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