Weekly Summary 4/21/2014 – 4/27/2014

Goals: More trails, more elevation, ankle and lower leg mobility, MEC Race on Saturday.

Monday, 4/21: 12km pavement, Easy/Recovery, 5:08/km.

Ran the standard route out Waterfront trail and a double loop of Bayfront park. The weather was great so I busted out the singlet. It took a while for the legs to get going, and I stopped to stretch some at around 3km. My calves and hammys were complaining a bit, but things started feeling better around the 5km mark.

I hit the gym for some max effort upper work- benches, rows, rear felt flyes, and core. Im feeling stronger up top. A lot of people say that lifting isn’t conducive to strong running but I feel much stronger, quicker, and in control when I’m lifting. If I’m not too sore, that is.

Tuesday, 4/22: Off.

I think the weather was pretty funky, and I had Tuesday or Wednesday planned as an off day anyway.

Wednesday, 4/23: 10km, pavement, Hill Reps, 5:48/km, 462m elevation gain.

8x Bedoe Hill again this week. This time around I was faster up, but really took my time on the recoveries (about 3min).  1:19, 1:21, 1:23, 1:21, 1:21, 1:21, 1:22, 1:19. I had some pretty serious lactic acid buildup on the last few climbs. I think that means its working. My energy levels weren’t great, this was just a workmanlike, no nonsense effort. I took the short way home and had some ankle and weird knee/quad niggles at the end. No point logging the extra km for pride’s sake when I’m racing this weekend.

Thursday, 4/24: 12km, pavement, Easy, 5:05/km

Easy 12km along the standard route. No biggie. Thought about 15 w/ some pickups, but the legs are a little stiff from yesterday and I’m racing on Saturday.

Rep upper workout at the gym: bench, chin-ups, rear delt flyes, OHP, core. I skipped leg day this week because I figured hills+racing had me covered. Next week: 6runs, 3 lifts.

Friday, 4/25: Off

I wanted to run a short 8-10km and do some strides but the weather was funky and I made plans to ride out to Burlington to buy a new bike. This fell through, luckily, but not in time to get a run in.

Saturday, 4/26: 12.5km, trails, Race, 5:00/km, 217m elevation gain.

MEC Trail Race. 12.5km in 1:02:25. Not a bad effort. Check out my race report here.

I could have prepared better and took the race more seriously, e.g. by not drinking and eating pizza and staying up until 3am the night before.

The hills gave me some trouble. Not cardio trouble, but ‘my legs aren’t strong enough’ trouble. More hill reps, less recovery, better preparation.

Sunday, 4/27: Off. 26km Ride.

3 off days? What is this? I was pretty sore, so I thought I’d get a recovery run in. But I blew out my shoes on Saturday and MEC hooked us all up with a discount so I rode into Burlington to grab some trail shoes. Say hello to my new Nike Zoom Wildhorses. Slick.

New Nike Zoom Wildhorses. AKA Real ass trail shoes.

New Nike Zoom Wildhorses. AKA Real ass trail shoes.

Totals: 45.9km, 758m elevation gain, 4h01min.

Thoughts: My feet and ankles are still sore. I think it’s just from running gnarly trails, they’ll get better as they get stronger. I probably could have had a better week: better eating, fewer excuses (‘it’s race week, I’ll skip today’).

Goals for next week: more trails, hill recovery, 6runs+3lifts. Long run on trails of at least 25km, hill reps/speed workout, and a tempo run. Back to my Around the Bay schedule: 3 key workouts, 2 easy, 1 easy/recovery.

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