Weekly Summary, 4/14/2014-4/20/2014.

Ok, so. I was posting about my runs everyday on tumblr while training for Around the Bay. That was fun, but clearly not long-term sustainable. I’ve since migrated to Strava and also want to keep this blog alive. So, after weeks of not positing anything outside of Twitter and Strava I decided to do a weekly summary/recap post, plus one other post per week here. Here goes.

MEC Burlington Trail Meetup Crew before Saturday's course preview run.

MEC Burlington Trail Meetup Crew before Saturday’s course preview run.

Goals: Lots of trails and elevation. Prep for Sulphur Springs Trail Race 25km (end of May) and MEC Race ONE trail 12.5km (4/26).


Monday, 4/14: 12km pavement, 5:13/km.

Easy/recovery 12km. 5:13min/km. Standard route- Waterfront Park+Double Bayfront loop. Legs were pretty sore from running on trails on the weekend, especially below the knee. On GingerRunnerLive (check Ethan out, probably the best running channel on YouTube) Sally McRae mentioned that she takes recovery runs really easy, stopping to stretch and relax along the way. So I took a cue from her and stopped a few times to stretch my achilles and hammy’s. It was 20+C, but quite windy and the temp dropped at least 5C near the end of the run when it started raining. I got to the gym for a max effort upper body workout- bench, incline bench, rows, bent over flys, shrugs, curls, and weighted ab work-as well. I was making good progress on Joe DeFranco’s WestSide for Skinny Bastards 3 program before March when my Around the Bay training kicked into high gear and I took the month away from lifting. The program calls for 3 workouts/week: Max effort upper, max effort lower, and upper repetition day. I only got 2 in last week because I was dying from DOMS after the month off.

Tuesday, 4/15.

The weather was pretty crappy so I took the day as an off day and went to the gym: max effort lower body- squat, single leg work, GHR, hip work, abs.

Wednesday, 4/16.

Took the day off for some reason (I’m writing this a week later).

Thursday, 4/17: 12km road, 466m, 5:42/km.

Hill reps. I wanted 7 reps of Bedoe hill (300m long, about 60m up). I got 8 reps for a total elevation gain of 466m. Took the long way home to get 12km total on the day. Legs felt good going up hill. I’m working on keeping my breathing steady when climbing and at max paces. Sticking to a 2 or 3 count keeps me calm and my body working much better than gasping or huffing and puffing. I imagine it keeps the heart rate from spiking and crashing everything as well. I was slower on these reps than I was last week: 1:25 avg. instead of 1:20. That’s cool. Keep working.

Friday, 4/18: 16km trail, 275m elevation, 5:19/km.

More trails. I wanted 16km along the Chedoke trail, hopefully this would give me some good climbing and gnarly trails. Basically I set out to find the gnarliest stuff I could run along that trail. This lead to lots of stopping and walking around fallen trees/mud pits. I worked on proprioception and looking 6-10 feet ahead of me rather than 2-3.  Good run. My Mizuno Wave Hitogami’s did ok, but were definitely at their limits in the mud and rocky bits. My ankle was getting sore later on that day.

Saturday, 4/19: 21km trail, 170m, 5:41/km.

The plan was to meet up with some folks from a group based out of MEC Burlington and preview next weekend’s race route at DVCA. The route is about 9km of trails that are totally runnable, but muddy. I ran to and from the meet up for a total of 21km. It took me a bit to warm up, an my ankle wasn’t immediately cooperative. I think the trails+road flats is exposing my weak and not very mobile lower legs. The run was great, got to meet a bunch of people and the weather was perfect. The pace was pretty easy for me so I focused on staying calm on uphills and flying on descents. Buttkicks for speed! There were a few times I nearly spilled flying downhill, but I made it out. I think I’m strong and quick enough to fly downhill pretty good, but need to keep breathing steady instead of holding my breath or breathing too rapidly.

Sunday, 4/20: 21km trail, 191, 5:36/km

More trails! It’s a long weekend- not that that means anything to me…-and the weather is great. I was feeling a little stiff from Saturday, but knew it would pass. I wanted 25+km, but also wanted to run trail out of DVCA that I had only rode before: Monarch Trail. I set out along the rail trail, out via the same route as Saturday’s course preview, and around the Main Loop, just as the day before. I was mostly fine to this point, but didn’t think I’d get 25-30km. I hit the Monarch trail, climbed a few side trail hills and found some single track to run before the trail evaporated. I was at the top of a fairly tall cliff at this point so I climbed down and took 5min chilling in the middle of the woods at a creekside. Eventually I hiked back up and found the trail, which has a huge ass hill that I eventually had to walk up. I’m not sure if the Sulphur Springs route includes this hill or not, but I kind of hope not. I powered on through Monarch trail, which was super muddy and eventually made it back home with 21km for the day. I was pretty tired from a 58km weekend. Let’s call Saturday and Sunday B2B long runs (the double!) rather than a mid-length run and a quit early. Awesome trails, great running this week.

Weekly Totals: 81.5km, 1159m elevation, 7h30min.

Goals for next week: More trails, more elevation, ankle and lower leg mobility, MEC Race on Saturday.

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4 Responses to Weekly Summary, 4/14/2014-4/20/2014.

  1. Aaron says:

    1000m+ of elevation in Ontario is pretty impressive. I don’t know if I got 1000m last YEAR! Well done!

  2. Emma says:

    Nice week! Seriously, I am so impressed at the repeats on Bedoe, that is my most hated hill in the area. I love it, but I HATE it.

    I’ll try and spot you and say hi at Sulphur, although you will be waaaaaay ahead of me! Also interested to hear about the MEC race, hoping to get out to a few of them later this year.

    • Thanks. The hills have been a long way coming. I was terrified of them before Around the Bay and used to struggle to do 3-5 reps of Longwood. Just gotta work it.

      Ill be hanging around at Sulphur for a while. Definitely say hi. I’m excited to see the MEC race this weekend, I know the trails, but have no clue how many people will be running and how fast they will be.

      Thanks for the read and comment!

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