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Around the Bay 30k: Tapering & Race Face Selfie

Whoa, I haven’t updated in like a week. Nothing really happened this week, I guess. Ya, tapering. Fun.

I ran an easy 12kmish on Sunday. 8 or 10 on Monday with some pickups. 9 on Wednesday with 2-3 @ RP in the middle and some strides.

My legs have been ok, not sore, just lumpy and dead-ish. They say that’s normal-ish. Ok.

In an effort to shake things out I hit up the finally un-frozen track on campus for some mile repeats. 3x1mi/800 @ RP with the last 400m at 10k pace. They felt good. I finished off with some strides.

The biggest problem I’m facing is some serious seasonal allergies. I can barely berate standing still, and the 1-2-3-4 in/1-2-3-4 out breathing pattern I’ve been using since last summer just doesn’t cut it right now.

This is my race face. Fear me. Fear my pink shoes too.

I’ll update tomorrow or Saturday with requisite t-shirt, bib, and shoes pics.

Im on Strava now, and Garmin connect. After the race I’ll probably use those for daily stuff and post less frequently here [edit: on Tumblr]. Maybe I’ll get a real blog. Maybe not.

2 more days!

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