Around the Bay 30k: Week 13, Day 5

Long 30 progression run- last 8 (or 10) at RP (4:40/km)

I felt good for the first 22km. Picking it up was tough. At 28km I had to head up another big ass hill after going out-and-back on North Shore Blvd’s rollers and Valley Inn hills.

I would have liked these last 8km to be faster, but I’ll take it. Especially since the cumulative fatigue from hitting the hardest part of the race route twice should be pretty good prep for race day. This route I’ve been running is at least TWICE as hard as the race route.

I kept my stride short and quick, and that helped keep the legs moving.

I did a similar progression run when training for my November HM. 15km @ 5:10ish and then 5 @ 4:40. I ended up with a 5:03/km overall pace. Of course, that was on a dead flat route. So I’m feeling pretty ready having clocked 5:05 here.

I knocked about 5 min off my 30k time from two weeks ago. Feels good. I’m ready. Gotta drop 10-12min on race day, 25s/km. I’ve got this.

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