Around the Bay 30k: Week 13, Day 4

Easy 12

Above 4C=shorts. This is a non-negotiable rule for me. Busted out my 5-inchers and got an easy 12k. Sore legs, obviously. But great run. Feeling awesome now. Love those runs that leave you feeling all jazzed up, no matter how they went.

When I was training for my HM I used to write notes on RunKeeper, much like I do here, but much, much shorter. I read a bunch of them yesterday, and they all commented on the run and then said “Great run!” or “Good job!” or “Keep it up!” no matter how the run went.

Im so awesome.

Great run today! You’re the fucking best.

PS. Man that mirror pic looks awkward.

PPS. I was patagucci’d out in my gear today. Patagonia Gamut T, R1 hoody, ProStrider shorts. Love that gear. How fast do you need to be to get a sponsorship? Yaaaaa.

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