Around the Bay 30k: Week 13, Day 3

Tempo 12

I’ve been feeling pretty rough lately. Sore, tired, worried I’m not going to be able to meet my goal, that training’s not going well, that I’m supposed to be feeling strong not tired in these peak weeks.

Fuck that though. I changed my mind. Im ready. Im strong. Im fast. Tons of energy. This ain’t no pity party.

I resolved not to feel like shit on this run. Not to think ‘just make it.’ Not to worry that if I feel sluggish I’ll fail. Past weeks I’d worry about barely keeping up in workout only to have my times fit perfectly. I’ve not failed a workout yet. No more doubt.

Change your mind, change your body; free your mind, and your ass will follow. My buddy Sam is a trainer, and he tags things #BrainTrainGain. Let’s go with #BrainTrainFuckingKillThoseWorkoutsAndRaceFast. Get your mental game on lockdown, folks.

I’ve been doing a victory yell and Rocky pose after all my hard workouts. Today I believed it.

And #GoJays apparently. It’s almost ball season.

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