Around the Bay 30k: Week 13, Day 1

Speedwork Tuesdays! 3x2mi/800 @ 4:10-4:25

Fresh, wet snow tonight, so it was pretty slippery out there. Plus I’ve been going with the PI N1s for speed and tempo runs. They’ve got well over 1000m on them, probably nearing 1500, and there’s pretty much no cushioning or tread left. Still so comfy though. And slippery. Very slippery.

I was a bit slower than I was when I did this work out two weeks ago (4:16, 4:21, 4:17 vs. 4:06, 4:16, 4:20). But I barely walked any of my recovery periods tonight, and my pace didn’t drop off, so I’ll take that as a win. But really, all of these times are in my training pace range so it doesn’t really matter if they’re faster or slower. Except to my ego.

Saw the physio this morning for my leg. Who knows what’s wrong. Nothing serious though. She gave me the ultrasound, massage, and then a cold air compression thing for 10min. Felt pretty good. No problems getting warmed up tonigh. I’m limping again now though. I’ll see her again later this week. Just keep me moving for 4 more weeks. #PutAFuckingBandAidOnIt

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