Around the BayWeek 12 Summary

This was a tough week. My energy level is fine, but my legs are getting pretty beat up. I might be going down to 5 runs/week on a semi-permanent basis. We’ll see how tomorrow feels.

I got my bib # this week: #479. My 2:20 goal puts me in about the top 600-700 runners, of 9000+. I’ve also been confirmed for Start Corral B- for those with goal times 2:15-2:30 and sub 1:40 and 3:35 HM and M qualifying times.

There’s a pic of me running the 5k at this event last year. This is the first time leading up to a race that I’m worried. I know I’ve got the fitness, but man, my legs are killing me. Oh well, rule 5.

Monday: Easy 12. Check, 5:08/km. Upper body @ gym.

Tuesday: 2x3mi/800@ 4:10-4:25. Check, 4:14 and 4:19.

Wednesday: Off. Check.

Thursday: Tempo 10. Nope. Took a maintenance day.

Friday: Easy 12. Check, hilly 15. 

Saturday: Hill/Fartlek 15. Check, long 28. 

Sunday: Long 28. Check, easy 12. I’ve been shuffling the weekend runs around to capitalize on the not-totally-horrible weather we’ve been getting on Saturdays but not Sundays.

Total: 81km out of a scheduled 93.

I’ll take it.

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