Around the Bay 30k: Week 12, Days 3 & 4

Easy 15, Long 28.

Been a while, tumblr. Wednesday was a scheduled off day. I skipped Thursday’s tempo run to rest my legs- I was limping most of Wednesday and Thursday. Im still limping, but whatever. 4 weeks to go, put a fucking band-aid on it.

I got an easy 15 on Friday night along the Around the Bay course, took the hills hard. Today was 28k along the hilly race route, I focused on attacking the hills at RP. I figure some hill-active recovery work will come in handy. Good idea, but it sucked.

Feeling pretty beat up this week. Considered revising my 2:20 goal time to a sub-2:25. Today especially- every time I looked I seemed to be at 5:25/km. But I ran 5:07/km, and knocked about 4min off the 28k run I did last week. Trust the program, I guess, right? 

Everything hurts, so I took an ice bath. Or at least a ‘cold as my tap runs’ bath. Which is pretty fucking cold. Not fun, but it gets better once you stop shivering. Kind of. My bathroom is ugly, get over it.

To the guy from Tri-Hart Racing or something like that: I wasnt trying to be a dick and speed up and then pass you back. You were running real well. I was just taking those hills hard. See you on race day.

On the gels: GU lemon-lime something tastes just like GU mandarin, ie gag-worthy. Clif Vanilla was totally bearable though- even chewed on it and let it hang around in my mouth a bit. Didn’t expect that.

Next up: Eating, probably a nap, Leafs-Habs tonight, and then an easy 12-15 tomorrow.

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