Around the Bay 30k: Week 12, Day 2.

2x3mi/800 @ 4:10-4:25/km

One day this will be my marathon pace. Book it.

I reminded myself of that when I started to struggle on the second interval. Kept calm, breathed steady, pushed it out. Plus and extra .3 to make sure I got a 5k in there. Why didn’t I just set the intervals to 5k instead of 3mi/4.8k? Because I didn’t.

The watch said that this was a new 5k PR, by :35. I’ve run faster, but hey, even not-really-PRs feel good. I really don’t know what I can do at distances under the HM. The only other race I’ve done was a 21:54 5k at the Around the Bay 5k this time last year. I timed a 20:20ish 5k during the peak of my HM training in the fall, and if I can knock out a couple 21ish 5ks back-to-back now, I’ve to to be able to go sub-20.

This wraps up and 8 day running streak. I get tomorrow off before tackling a 10k tempo on Thursday.

Now: shower, food, food, marking, and food.

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