Around the Bay 30k: Week 12, Day 1

Easy 12.

Stay cold. I don’t even care.

Easy run. Took the legs a bit to get loose though. I’ve got to do a better job stretching after runs. Another cold week forecasted. Not even thinking about it anymore. Cold, dark, wind, hills, intervals, bring it. I’m focused.

Good lift today. Struggling to move my bench press up, but all my other lifts are progressing. Bench has been stalled for about 4 weeks. My bench for reps has improved, but I cant budge that 5RM.

I skipped leg day last week. I feel like squats and accessory work are probably too much on the legs during the peak weeks of the program. I might substitute that work out for a leg maintenance day.

I’ve got 2x3mi/800 intervals tomorrow, another 10km tempo, and a 28km run with some hill reps this week. Next week’s long run is the real test- 30k at either a 50/50 or 75/25 easy/race pace split. Tomorrow’s intervals are going to suck. Embrace the suck.

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