Around the Bay 30k: Week 11, Day 6

Easy/Recovery 15

It took a little extra to warm up the legs today-the first km was tough. But once they were moving I felt pretty good. Better than I thought I would feel anyway. By around 10km my legs were moving pretty good. Heavy, but loose.

Around 11-12km in, I closed in on a guy and way about to pass him at easy pace, nothing new. But when I caught him he picked it up. So I tucked in behind him and pushed us to about :30/km faster than I was already running. I figured he wanted to race! I stuck with him for about 800m before he started slowing and I toasted him. 

If you’re going to ego-speed up so people wont pass you, you better be able to keep that pace. Ya, Im competitive. 

I got some sunburn on my nose. Maybe it’s windburn. W/e, it’s red.

Weekly Summary:

Monday: Easy 15km @ 5:05/km

Tuesday: 3×3200/800 @4:10-4:25/km. 14km total.

Wednesday: Off. Gym-Upper

Thursday: Tempo 10 @ 4:31/km. 12.5km total.

Friday: Easy 12- Only went 8. Gym-Upper.

Saturday: Long 30 w. hill reps @ 5:17/km

Sunday: Easy 15 @ 5:15/km

Weekly Total: 95km

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