Around the Bay 30k: Week 11, Day 5

30k Long Run.

I’m a day late posting this run, because food and sleep. Seriously, I was KO’d. I wanted to call my Mom in the afternoon and maybe do some reading, but I could barely keep my eyes open long enough to stuff everything in the kitchen into my facehole. I’ll call you today Mom.

First 30k, first time using gels. GU mandarin orange tastes like thick, flavoured lube. Clif Razz is slightly less appalling, but it’s still just thick lube. 

They say it takes about 2 weeks for training adaptations to produce results. Since I ramped up the distance pretty quickly (from 20km to 30km in 4 or 5 weeks), I expect my body is struggling to keep up. Compare my HM plan, which had two weeks at each distance-16×2, 18×2, 20×2- to this plan which adds 2km/week until the peak at 30. But I had a solid 20-22km base, soI expect the remaining runs (28, 30, 28, taper) to get easier. Or slightly less painful anyway.

It feels wrong to complain about 5C and sunny, but there was a mean 20-30km/h headwind on the return leg, with gusts up to 50km/h. 

I’ve been doing these runs on the difficult part of the race course. And I doubled back to hit the valley again on the return trip. So down the trail and up the road on the way out, down the road and up the trail on the way back, trail-road out, road-trail back again. In and out of the valley Around the Bay’ers call “Heartbreak hill.” Im hitting that hill section on long runs and easy runs, so 2x/week at least. Home field advantage, baby.

Bane: “You merely adopted the dark HILLS; I was born in it, molded by it…The shadows HILLS betray you because they belongs to me!”

15km or so easy today. Also, more food.

Bonus: Canada took gold in hockey this morning. Boom!

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