Around the Bay 30k: Week 11, Day 2

3x3200m/800m @ 4:10-4:25/km

Nearly quit that last rep. With about 1k left I was slowing down and hurting. Coming up a snowy hill with a headwind I decided that at 800m I could make the call to quit or not. I decided to finish at whatever pace. I ended up running about 4:20/km over that last stretch, after clocking a 4:25 pace the previous km. 

Real fucking proud of that. I said it on Saturday: it’s that last part of the run that matters; everything else is just a warm up to there.

Some people say you shoudn’t run to hard. If you get dizzy or nauseous you’re training hard and being silly. Bullshit. Rule 5- Harden the fuck up.

There’s a bit in Pumping Iron where Arnold says he’s not scared of fainting in the gym, and that puking is pretty normal when you’re trying to be the best. I’m not Arnold, or Rupp, but pushing through those spots where you want just quit and go home are what this is all about. That’s what champions do.

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