Around the Bay 30k: Week 10, Day 4

Valentine’s Day? How about 10k PR day? Boom.

The Run: Tempo 10k @ 4:25-4:40/km. Ran it in 44:21, that’s 4:26/km.

Naaahtt bad. I’m always worried about tempo runs, but I crushed this one. Kept calm, steady pace, no worries.

I forgot to load the 10km workout to my watch so I ran the 8km workout and just kept the pace through 2km of “cool down” time.

Im confident that I could knock serious time off all of these PRs. The 10k and longest run records will fall a few times in the coming weeks, and the 1/2 marathon will fall at the race—that’s the plan anyway.

These are my best times since getting the watch at Christmas. I’ve run 20:00ish 5k’s in training in the past, and I’d bet I could be under 6:00 for the mile and around 42:00 for the 10k if I were going for it.

Looks like we’ve got one more cold weekend and one more snow storm before some nice >0C temps. Looking forward to that.

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