Around the Bay 30k: Week 10, Day 1

Week 10. Jeez. 90k last week, and now I’m adding 2km to my tempo run, 3km to my Saturday easy, and 2km and some hill reps to my Long run. Shit’s getting real.

I took yesterday as my rest day because my legs were pretty beat up from Sunday. I felt great today though. But that means I’ve got to run 8 in a row. Let’s see how that goes, eh?

4×1.5mi/800m @ 4:10-4:25. I nailed every interval but kinda dogged the recovery splits. That’s fine. I could have done another interval probably. Always leave one in the tank.

-14C. Dont even care anymore. Cold, wind, snow, hills. Bring it, I ain’t scared.

Easy 12 and legs tomorrow. Another squat PR and some easy accessory lifts probably. Run fast, squat heavy, eat pizza.

Im pretty fired up right now from that run. Whoa.

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