Around the Bay 30k: Week 9, Day 6(!)

Day 6. Long run. 26km.

This is officially the farthest I’ve ever run in one go. The distance wasn’t too bad. And I didn’t mind the -10C temperatures either. Almost getting hit by cars wasn’t the best, but I’m a cyclist so I’m used to it.

The fucking snow though. My legs are shredded from trying to keep form and forward motion on 2 inches of packed snow. I’d be cruising along at an easy 5:05/km on pavement, but 30 seconds later be labouring to keep a 6:00/km pace on the slippery stuff. 

This is 3 weeks in a row my long run has been like this. At least 3 weeks in a row. But hey, Rule 5.

5:20/km pace is well within my training paces. Garmin says my “moving pace” was 5:14, so there’s that too. I had to stop a couple times for traffic, and once to pee in the bushes. My hydration pack froze about 3km in. So that was useless. I really didn’t think it was that cold out.

6 runs, 3 lifts in the bag. Hell ya, finally. I’ve put on nearly 7lbs. since Christmas, and I’ll breach 140 next week. So lifting and eating is working. Run fast, squat heavy, eat pizza.

Weekly Summary

Monday: Easy 12 scheduled; 12km @ 5:11 ran. Max effort upper lift. Set a couple PRs, but not in the key lift for the day, bench press

Tuesday: Pick’em strength workout; 6×1600/800@ 4:15/km, 16.6km total.

Wednesday: Off. Max effort lower; new Squat PR.

Thursday: Tempo 8km scheduled; 8km @ 4:27/km. 10.7km total.

Friday: Easy 12; 12.29km @ 5:09/km.

Saturday: Easy 12 hilly or fartlek; 12.23km @ 5:08/km on hilly route. Repetition effort lift; new bench press rep. PR.

Sunday: Long 26km; 26.02km @ 5:20/km.

Total: 90km. 

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