Around the Bay 30k: Week 8, Day 4

The Run: Tempo 8km @ 4:25-4:40/km

I think I’ve finally figured out tempo runs: they’re about not panicking.

You’re supposed to be running at the upper threshold of your aerobic capacity, ie. that point just before you have to start breathing quicker, more or less. But keeping that pace for a distance gets challenging: somewhere around 75-90% of the way your body is going to start wanting more oxygen, and it’s going to want to speed up, slow down, breath quicker, tighten up, etc. The trick is to stay calm and in control for as long as you can. You’ve got to have your head in the game.

I kept my cool for most of the 8km today. At about 7km I thought: “I feel pretty good, maybe I’ll go for 9!” But at 7.5km I started to loose it and breathe heavier, so 8km was really the perfect distance. I was a bit worried the training wasn’t working so far, that I was lagging. But this feels about right. It was no where near as tough as last week.

After 2 weeks of -10C and below, 0C feels downright balmy. Beauty weather (relatively) forecasted for this weekend, despite some 15cm of snow on the way. Looking forward to warm temps and fewer layers.

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