Around the Bay 30k: Week 8, Day 2 (Tuesday)

I decided to hit the treadmill for some hills instead of dicking around in the cold. I was OK with this until I got on the treadmill. Anyone else start hurting at around the 00m04s mark on treadmills?

The Run

I did 6x.3mi/.3mi at a 6.5%grade at 8.4mph. Conversion: 480m @ 6.5% @ 4:26/km.

That’s pretty unimpressive, I think. I could have eeked out another 2 reps at least, but the treadmill was shaking pretty hard on each interval and probably shifted about 6” to the right during my run.

Whatever, it’s a workout on a cold day. I’m getting my 6 and 3 this week, and I’m going to fucking crush it. 

Good weather this weekend. Try and stop me.

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