Around the Bay 30k: Week 5, Day 5

I haven’t managed a 6 run week yet. I took Friday off for my knee and thought about skipping today’s run in the name of rest. I’m glad I didn’t. It was a tough one though.

Maybe I’m getting slower? I had to stop/slow down a couple times for traffic and ice. Lots of ice. The big hill wasn’t runnable up or down, so a 2:15-2:30 hill took probably twice as long. And there were a few km I had to dodge ankle deep puddles and ice. Still, this run hurt more than it did last week. Accumulated leg fatigue maybe?

That one more week in the books.

Around the Bay Week 5 Summary:

Monday: Easy 10- Skipped, OFF+Physio+Ultrasound+Chest/Shoulders.

Tuesday: 12×400/400 @ 1:30-1:35- Did 11, thought I had done 12 but lost count on a stupid indoor track.

Wednesday: OFF- Easy 10 to make up for Monday. Back+abs and some deadlifs..

Thursday: 6km Tempo+WU/CD- Nailed it.

Friday: Easy 10- Off for strained hammy. Chest/Shoulders+abs.

Total km run: 63.5.

Total km previous weeks: Week 4- 61, Week 3- 85, Week 2- 48, Week 1- 56.

I’m all over the place. It was the first week of 3 hard runs instead of 2, plus all of my other excuses.

Goals for next week: 6 runs, 3 lifts. Even if it means going short on some runs. It’s early enough in the program that I should be able to keep pace. Eat more.

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