Around the Bay 30k: Week 5, Day 3

The Run: 6km Tempo- 4:25-4:35/km

I was dreading this run. It was my endurance (read: lack of) that killed me at the Road 2 Hope, so I focused the first 4 weeks of this program on base building- hills, easy, and long runs. I’m confident enough in my speed, for now.

But tempo runs a particular kind of hurt. Long runs make you long for the couch and pizza and sap all your energy, and speed days burn and might make you want to puke. But long runs are at an easy pace, and speed intervals have a rest period (for puking). Tempo runs are relentless.

Today was the first tempo run of the training, and I was worried that I might not be able to keep pace. I had the watch set to a Manual WU-6km Intervel-Manual CD, but cancelled the program when I saw the track was frozen. I decided to go for an easy 10, but then remembered that there is a 600m-ish road loop right next to campus- actually I run past it on my way to the track every time. It was only about 50% ice!

Oh yea, and I nailed the pace- maybe even too fast. Because of the watch screw up (user end) I started at km 2.2 and finished at km 8.2. Average pace for that interval looks to be around 4:20-4:22. We’ll see how that pace feels as I ramp up to 8 and 12km tempo distances.

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