Around the Bay 30k: Week 5, Day 1

I skipped yesterday’s Easy 10, but I’ll just take that as a rest day and do the 10km tomorrow instead. I had physio+ xrays/US+ meetings+ gym+ 22km the day before+ etc. The ultrasound guy wouldn’t tell me what he found in my knee but did say it was a “small problem, nothing serious.” So that’s good I guess. It feels pretty good today.

The Run: 12×400/400 @ 1:30-1:35/400m. With 1km WU and about 200m CD.

I’m not crazy enough to try that workout outside today (-16C and windy as fuck) so I headed to the 200m indoor track on campus. I’m still dizzy, but the knee felt great. 

I lost count pretty quickly and ended up doing only 11 reps. But I hit the time goal for every interval. The garmin recorded the distances weird- slow recover laps tended to be 400-470m and fast laps 330-390m. I was running a track so I’m not too worried about cheating myself out of 50m each lap. I’ll chalk it up to not-entirely-accurate indoor tracking when changing speeds. No biggie, it still did a pretty good job.

Shoes: NB 890v3. These shoes are alright for tempo running and fairly cushy for longer runs or easy days, but they really kind of got in the way during the fast intervals today. I don’t recall my PI N1s being that cumbersome. I’ll wear them next speed day and see.

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