Around the Bay 30k: Weed 4, Day 2

The weather report said something like -16C, feels like -22C. I took the past two days off, partly because I had plans and partly because I was worried that I went too hard last week by working in two long runs with only 1 off day.

So today I had to choose between two of this weeks quality runs: hills and a tempo run. It would either be the last week of hills before starting speed work in their place or the first week of tempos. I didn’t really want to try and trudge through the mess outside @ 4:30/km paces. But neither did I want to make my way to Bedoe hill. So I decided 8 reps of Longwood would do it.

I did 6 before the frozen snot buildup and numb fingers was enough to call it. I also ran a few of reps much too fast. I aim for 2:10-2:15 up this hill, but ran 2:16, 2:01, 2:10, 1:58, 2:02, and 2:17. So we’ll call it square.

I should probably turn off auto-lap when I’m doing intervals.

Next Up: Easy 10km tomorrow. I’ll probably try to work in some pickups to make up for the lost day this week.

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