Around the Bay 30k: Week 4, Day 1


The Run: Easy (Recovery) 10km.

A bit sore from yesterday so I wanted to run at easy/recovery pace- probably somewhere around 5:20-5:30/km. I thought I did, but 5:15 is fine enough.

I noticed this week that my form is slipping, so I figured today was a good time to key in on it. I remember not to long ago I was running mostly on my toes, leaning forward and pawing back nicely. It felt good. But this week I’ve been slamming my feet into the ground in short, choppy strides. I tend to figure it out by the mid-point of the run and correct it. On yesterday’s long run I clued in and ran easier in the second half of the run.

Today I felt great, and it’s much easier on my knee when I run with better form. Like Caballo Blancosays run easy, light, smooth, and fast. Start with easy, then light, then smooth. You get those three and you’ll be going fast.

I’m really dropping the ball on adding strides in at the end of runs. I’ll figure it out.

I was supposedly a bit chilly out today. Though it’s pretty much fine down to -8C or -10C if there’s no wind. That’s a good thing because the forecast looks kind of nasty this week.


Next Up: Hills. Shit, I forgot I have to run hills tomorrow.

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