Around the Bay 30k: Week 3, Day 6

The Run: The Long Run- 20km this week.

About 5C in Hamilton today so I busted out the shorts. Took off on the Around the Bay route and turned around when the Garmin hit 10.5km. Ended up running a half marathon. 

I tried to take it easy and keep my pace between 5:15 and 5:20 on the way out and I felt good at the turnaround so I went for a negative split 21k. I clocked 54:30 out and 53:00ish back. Plus some extra for the .23km, and I hit the ‘lap’ button instead of the ‘stop’ button at the end so it ran for an extra minute.

I went long enough to see the ‘rolling hills’ that people say are tough on the course. I didn’t find them that bad, but I was there around km 8-14 today. This section comes at km 15-21ish during the race.

I tried to keep it even on the big hill at km 16ish. I tracked a lap up the hill- it’s 440m long and took about 2:15 to run up at a steady 5:07 pace according to the watch. I was huffing and puffing but recovered quickly without stopping or really slowing down. New goal-take that hill at that pace on race day. 5:07/km up the hill when I need a 4:40/km pace overall seems reasonable.

Gear: Patagonia Pro Strider shorts- these are the best. 5”, great liner, lots of storage. Nike Combat Pro long sleeve baselayer. Brooks jacket. I brought a toque in case but didn’t need it. Salomon 10+3 pack. I’m finally working out the kinks in the pack. I barely noticed it when running. It’s growing on me.

I must have been mistaken when I said the other day that the Garmin 220 will resume counting auto-laps according to total distance after a manual lap interval. It’s definitely resumes counting your auto-lap distance from the last manual-lap touch, not overall.

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