Around the Bay 30k: Week 3, Day 4.

The Run: 45min. on Bedoe Hill. When I made my 30k training plan (I’ll post it soon!) I recalled Bedoe being longer AND steeper than Longwood- the hill I ran the last three weeks. Turns out it’s shorter and much steeper. At one point you’re looking at what feels like a 45deg. incline, though surely its not.

I had 45min. of reps in mind when I set out. I got 7 reps. of a 300m hill at an 8-10% grade- which turns out to be a measly-sounding 5-6 degree slope. But for comparison the toughest climbs on the Tour de France are around 8%. (Check out Rob Holden riding a Bixi/Boris bike up Mont Ventoux, one of the Tour’s toughest climbs.)

This all added up to 30min of reps. not 45. But I knew 7 reps was enough because my legs were wobbly at the top. I’ll got for 8 next week.

Gear: I wondered how the 220 would handle an auto-lap set to 1km and a manual lap interval (each up, each down). It handled perfectly. The lap chart above tracks it perfectly. 1km/1km auto laps, then manual laps, then 1km/1km auto laps on the way back that corresponded to the total distance travelled, and not the distance since my last manual lap-button push. Atta be Garmin.

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