Around the Bay 30k: Week 3, Day 1

I couldn’t get the long run in on Sunday due to icy conditions. But I got 20 on Monday. Good run.

The Run: Long 16 (scheduled for 16, anyway).


The hills on North Shore Blvd. and the big one at the end aren’t that bad. At least not on the back stretch of this run. I might feel differently starting them 20km into a run as I will on race day. I do my hard hill reps of Longwood hill in about 2:14, it took me 2:35ish to get up the big hill on this route running easy. I got this.

Nutrition: Banana for breakfast. I slept in and wanted to get out in a hurry so I had a banana about 30min before heading out. I thought that might be easy enough to stomach without a long digestion period. I was wrong.

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