Around the Bay 30k: Week 2, day 2.


Apparently the AtB course includes a bunch of rolling hills and a big hill all in the last 7-10km. So I’m training hills, lots of hills.

The Plan: 

  1. Find a hill- check. Longwood hill: 500m long, ~5%grade. Bedoe hill: stupid long and stupid steep.
  2. Run repeats.
  3. Run more repeats than last week.

So far so good. 5x, 6x, and 7x Longwood hill in the books after todays 7x run. The plan I drew up for myself has me moving on to Bedoe hills next week. We’ll see about that.

The Run:


I average 2:10-2:15/rep. up Longwood. Didn’t have the watch today so I can’t say for sure, but I’ve run this hill enough to know what 2:10 effort feels like, and this was it. I was dogging it on the recovery back down. Compare last week’s 6x run overall stats below. I probably could have pushed harder,  my legs were gassing more than anything else. Im going to take that to mean it was a good up-speed workout.


Nutrition: Same. Dont fix what aint broke.

Gym: Legs (?!) tomorrow. Im kidding. Im not anywhere close to beat up enough to skip leg days. Im fresh.

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