Around the Bay 30k: Week 2, Day 1

Took Monday off, even though I was supposed to get 10k. I’ll do that workout today and today’s tomorrow.

The Run: Easy 10+strides. Nowhere really to do the strides so Ill get them later. I owe myself a week of strides. Deal? Deal.

Nutrition: Smoothie with what little food was left in the fridge. Groceries tomorrow. Pasta just after the run.

Gym: Yup. Back/Bi/Abs.

Injuries: I’ve had a kind of sore knee since the summer. Nothing major, just a nagging thing. Though, I’ll probably wail if you make me do a few lunges. Say the Doc this morning finally. I’m going to physio and an ultrasound to make sure it’s nothing major. Most likely it’s some inflammation where the IT Band connects with the knee, but not of the band itself. It hasn’t really gotten worse or better since the summer, and it didn’t prohibit my half marathon training in anyway. We’ll see.

Next Up: Some hills tomorrow. Hell ya. I really like these gutsy shorter runs. Hills and track stuff. Tempo runs I’m less a fan of though. I need to work on my endurance.

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