Around the Bay 30k, Week 1, Day 3.

Did this run on Thursday, ya, I’m a little late.

The Run: Easy 10 plus strides. Strides supposedly help your form and so on. Generally it feels pretty good to open up short bursts and really get some leg turnover after easy runs. But we got a pretty nasty (minor, really) cold snap, and it was windy as all fuck where I was going to do my strides. I did 2 and called it a day. It’s week one, don’t worry, I got this.

10k@5:12/km. At least I didn’t run too fast.


Nutrition: Probably Kashi+banana, salad with chickpeas and corn, Salmon with broccoli and some pasta.

Gym: None. Legs and abs on Wednesday. Chest, Tris, Shoulders on Friday. The 2/week day offs in the early going of the program mean I only have to do one 2-a-day/week to hit the gym 3x/week. That’s nice, since I really struggled to lift during the heavy weeks of my 1/2 Marathon program. Often I only went once/week for general maintenance. I’m going to try and stick to 6 runs, 3 lifts/week during the peak since the miles is what gets faster times. But maybe I’ll swap a couple easy runs for lifts here and there to keep it 3x.

Next: Gym on Friday (done). Easy 10+strides on Saturday. LSD 16 on Sunday. It’s pretty nasty out. I’ll get the 10k today, but probably bail on the strides. Likely I will get 18 or so on Sunday because I found an awesome new route.

Go Leafs Go.

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