Around the Bay 30k training, Week 1, Day 4.

Russell: 10(km); first snow storm of winter: not a God damn thing.

About 6” of fresh snow today. -6C (22F), apparently about -16 w/ wind chill (3F).

The Run: Easy 10km+strides. I bailed on the strides. Let’s say it was because there was no safe place to do them since the park was pretty well blanketed with snow. The 10k was fine, though it was pretty tough to keep footing on the partially plowed, driven-on roads. The trail was great though: a couple think drifts to dodge, but that’s part of the fun. I had to run around the block to get the last 1.5km since I couldn’t (didn’t want to) run the park.

10km@ 5:23/km. I know I said I tend to run easy runs too fast, and 5:23 isn’t too fast. But, you know, snow and shit.

Shoes: New Balance 890v3. They did alright in the snow. Some trail shoes with actual traction might have been helpful. But we don’t get enough snow to justify that.

Nutrition: Same as every other day. Kashi+banana+coffee.

Next up: Long run tomorrow (16-20k)

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