Around the Bay 30k Training Week. 1, Day 1

Just over a month after my first half-marathon I’m starting training for a 30k road race. I’m aiming for 2:20.

Today’s Run: 30min of hills. My hill this week is Longwood Hill, a 500m long, 20m rise. So, 4% grade.

30min=6 reps @ 2:10-2:15/reps. + an easy jog down. With WU and CD it came out at 8.5km in 46:36. I probably dogged it a bit more than I needed to between reps, but it’s day 1, so, come on.

Nutrition: I ate like shit last week. No lie. Ordered pizza twice, a burger on Tuesday, at least 3 bags of chips, etc. But Tuesday was my birthday (28!) and Saturday I had a pretty awesome long run with great hills, so I justified pizza there.

This morning was Kashi GoLean and a banana and soy milk. After the run was a couscous, chick pea, corn salad. Boss. I love that salad. All about the thyme. Tonight I’ll probably go for some chicken, garlic and spinach whole wheat pasta.

Gym: none today. Back/bi tomorrow.

Now, to work the rest of the night.

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