Road2Hope Hamilton Half Marathon

On Nov. 3 I’m running 21km as fast as I can. Unless I get hurt before then.

I started running in Sept. 2013. I did pretty well (I think*) in a 5k in March, and was super excited to get my marathon on, and super-super excited for long trail runs. But I pushed to hard and ended up with IT band* problems in my left leg–WARNING: build hips+glutes concurrently with running. Just as that healed I got hit with a string of fluke injuries. It’s now August and I’ve got 12 weeks to meet the goal I wanted to train all summer for.

No biggie. That goal was too easy anyway.

Here’s my plan:

Half Marathon Plan

It’s a frankenplan built around the Hanson method*, my own 5k plan, and whatever else I could find. It includes a couple easy weeks before speed and tempo work begin to get my body back to regular mileage. Feel free to steal it and use McMillan’s run calculator to work out your paces, or ask me for my speed/tempo workouts.

The plan gets speedwork done on Tuesdays, tempo runs on Wednesdays, and long runs on Sundays. I’ve also got a free run on Fridays/Saturdays that I can take easy, run hills, fartlek, or whatever. The long runs are steady state until the first 13km-er when I start adding in fast finish efforts (up the pace for the last half, then up it again for the last 2km).

I kept the plan conservative so I can skip a week if I feel strong (read: injury free). Probably one or two of the weeks with a 13km-er can be skipped in favour of another long week in October.

Get at me if you have any questions about running, running shoes, running plans, etc. or want to run or race with me. AMA!


*My 5k was 21:54, and you can find all kinds of horrible pictures of me online if you’re crafty and know what race I ran. Or you could just ask. I could have ran it faster. Im aiming for time under 1:40:00 for the half marathon. I’ll do it if I stay healthy.

*Comment or find me on twitter/email/real life/etc. if you want to know tricks for ITB stuff.

*The Hanson plan is famous among marathoners for cutting out the big 20mile runs and getting the same effect with compound fatigue from long runs on back-to-back-to-back…. days with less body damage. A normal half-marathon plan, however, does not call for anything beyond 12-13 miles (13.1mile race vs. 26.2), and so I thought the Hanson plan (modified version below) was waaaaaaay overkill. I max out at a 54km week where the Hanson plan has you running something like 80km/week for 4 weeks at its peak. Next time. Here’s a modified (shortened) sketch of the Hanson plan fyi: Hanson Rev.


Oh yea! There are charities involved! Go here if you want to donate, though I don’t know much about these charities. ORRRRR if you’re really excited to give, wait until I run the  St. Joe’s Healthcare Around The Bay 30k in March. Or just mail me $5 for new shoes.



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